Schnee (schnee) wrote,

365 days of SL, day 274

365 days of SL, day 274:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1574 KiB. Also available unedited; 1920x1033 PNG, 1691 KiB)

I've been wanting to show an overview over the FP estate in its wintery state for a while, so here it is. Alas, one of the sims (FP Yokai) is missing; I verified it was there and online, but I couldn't get it to render on these screenshots. It just wouldn't show up.

I have no idea if this might be related to the visual glitches I've had before, e.g. on day 158.

Speaking of visual glitches, there were the usual white lines in the ocean around the estate, too; I removed those, and also got rid of a few pieces of low skybox building and reflections thereof while I was at it. I hope y'all appreciate the effort I'm going to with this!

The full FP estate's already been seen on day 59, BTW.

Location: FP Enigma (15, 132, 21) (Two Fuzzies and a Plane and a weird robot (sometimes))

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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