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I have awesome friends

I just got a package with 62 (yes, sixty-two) stamps on it — that's got to be a new record. :) And what did it contain? Glad you're asking:


A gift from ungulata: the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Favorite Collection, including not just Dashie, Trixie and Vinyl Scratch, but also Night Mare Moon. Night Mare Moon! <3


This collection was initially announced back last February; leaked toys hit eBay in June, and pre-orders started shortly afterwards. EqD also posted a review in September.

I've not opened it yet. I definitely will, though; I never understood the point of leaving toys in their original packaging. (Might just as well leave them in their original store as well as far as I'm concerned.) But I'll do that later, when I actually have some more time to do it properly, rather than rushing it before going out.

To ungulata: thank you so much. I'm awed by your kindness, and humbled by your generosity.

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