Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Blessed solstice!

Blessed solstice to those who celebrate it! (Technically, I think it was actually last night, at least for those in the Northern hemisphere, but hey ho.)

Also, given that it's the longest night of the year (again, for the northerners!), today's a good day to celebrate the princess of the night, Luna:

Image: Delthero @ DA; used under the terms of the CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 license

Instead of going to bed, why not go out for a late evening walk today, and enjoy the wonder of Luna's dark and jeweled sky?

And what a lovely night it is
To walk a moonlit field
To see the softer shades
That are by starlight now revealed
ponyphonic, The Moon Rises

Also, eat cake! Moon pies, maybe? Myself, I might make éclairs de la lune again. :) (It's been a couple of years!)

Even if you're not a brony, enjoy this time of renewal, the time when the land sleeps and the Great Wheel turns again. It's a time for quiet introspection and thought, for long walks across snow-covered landscapes, for getting away from it all and find your balance again.

And as always, it's the time to leave the past behind and move on; pay your debts, wrap up what needs to be wrapped up, and drop any emotional baggage and look forward. Start afresh with a clean slate, and look forward to new year, and of course, be happy with what you've got, celebrate, eat good food and spend time with friends and loved ones.

(And if you're on the southern hemisphere... enjoy the warmth and beauty of the summer, the sun's warm and golden glow, and celebrate the longest night!)

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