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Herd Census 2013

Are you a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then the 2013 Herd Census needs YOU! Here's the press release:

Greetings Everypony!

Last year, over 9,000 bronies took the initial Brony Herd Census, and we learned a lot about who bronies really are. This year, we want the census to be bigger and better than ever! There's more than twice as many questions this year, covering every topic from employment and education to brony activities and (of course!) favorite pony.

One big difference in the census is that this year, we'd like you to start by taking a simple, free, 5 minute personality assessment test before filling out the census. This is the famous Briggs-Myers personality categorizer, and it is available here:

Please be sure to write down your 4-letter personality code before starting the census. Taking the personality test is totally optional, but we'd like as many bronies as possible to do it, as it will give us some insight as to how bronies differ from the general population in personality.

The census itself is online at:

It's beefier than last year, so give yourself a generous 20 minutes to complete both the personality test and the census. We'll be keeping the census up through February 15th, so there's no rush. And be sure to tell your friends and spread the word.

Last year's census served as background research data for a number of studies and helped inform the media just how big and diverse we are as a herd, with your help we can make this year's study as successful.

I remain,
Coder Brony
Demographer by Appointment to Her Majesty, Princess Celestia

Stand up and get counted — for science! Twilight Sparkle would be proud of you. :)

Tags: bronies, my little pony, studies
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