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Neil Sloane on the OEIS

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Feb. 8th, 2013 | 11:08 pm

For those interested in these things, here's a very interesting talk given by Neil Sloane on the OEIS that he started almost 50 years ago and that's grown into a vast and incredibly useful resource over the years, in two parts:

It's about 50 minutes, and it'll surely beat whatever's on TV tonight. :) Neil not just covers the history of the OEIS and its present state, but also gives examples of several fascinating sequences, talking about what makes them interesting, what we know about them, and what we don't (yet) know.

An alternate recording of the same presentation (also in two parts) can be seen here and here, BTW. For more on the OEIS as such, see Wikipedia, naturally (but chances are that if you care about this at all you're already familiar with it).

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