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365 days of SL, day 344

365 days of SL, day 344:

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We visited a sim called Second Norway last night — just briefly (too briefly, in fact), due to a lack of time for proper exploration, but it was still nice. The area we found ourselves in had an airport, as seen above.

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800x430 JPEG, 73 KiB

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In addition to the runways etc., there was a terminal building, and also various hangars. The latter were occupied by different tennants; many of them sold planes etc., but there were also flight teams and the like.

It was in one of these that I also found these displays:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 1514 KiB)

Who knew that there was such an extensive network of airfields and air routes through SL? It shouldn't surprise me, given I already previously found out about the SLSA (see day 39) and the SLRR (see day 114, day 115, and also day 156), but I still didn't expect it. Of course, I also thought it was rather neat.

The continents shown are Satori, Nautilus, Corsica and Gaeta V on the left, BTW, then Heterocera and Sansara on the right, and Jeogeot on the far right. I still think the Lindens should work on connecting all these continents so that you could fly or sail or swim from any point on the (non-adult) mainland to any other.

Speaking non-adult, apparently no airports of air routes exist on Zindra, the adult continent; but then I suppose the things people go there for have little in common with flying beyond the initial letter.

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2601 KiB)

As for Second Norway, though, looking around some more I came across this rather cute purple/pink plane. I don't think I've seen one like this before, at least not in SL, but hey — why not? :)

Location: Second Norway (25, 242, 31) (Second Norway Lufthavn [ SNO / SLSN ])

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