Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Colored dots and furry cons

Many years back, I heard about an interesting convention used at Mensa events — hugging preferences indicated on your badge, in the form of colored dots. There's three of these:

  • Red: "I don't want to be hugged."
  • Yellow: "Please ask before hugging me."
  • Green: "Hug away!"

I've noticed that the willingness to engage in hugging – both giving and receiving – has declined significantly at Eurofurence over the years, correlating with the con's increasing attendance figures, and my feeling, based in no small part on my own experiences, is that people are simply more reluctant to hug strangers in a more crowded, less familial setting — and more reluctant to accept hugs from strangers, too.

So I've been thinking, why not adopt the Mensa scheme at other conventions, too, e.g. furry conventions, and maybe also brony conventions (not that I've attended one of those so far)? I'll be getting a bunch of stickers and bring them to EF, both for myself and for others who may want them, and I encourage y'all to do the same!

Tags: cons, furry, hugs
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