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365 days of SL, day 365

365 days of SL, day 365:

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And so it comes to an end: this day marks the last day of my "365 days of SL" project. It's been a wild ride — often fun, occasionally work, and always interesting. I've seen sims come and go. I've been to a ton of interesting places. I've done a lot and seen much of SL, much more than I would have if it hadn't been for this project. In a very literal sense, it has broadened my virtual horizon.

For last night (when the screenshot was taken), I decided to go back to Jeogeot Bay and sit there again, looking out to Lordshore bridge much like I did on day 1. But instead of night, it was a glorious sunny day now, and instead of being alone, I was accompanied by two sweet friends who shared the moment with me.

As we all know, endings are just beginnings. What I felt last night wasn't sadness that the project was over, it was happiness; happiness that it'd worked out, happiness that I could relax now, happiness that I would see more nice places in the future. It's not an end, it's a start, and I'm not looking back at what was as much as forward to what will yet come.

Naturally, I'll still come to SL, and I'll still explore and do the things I've always wanted to. But from now on, it'll be more like an unending vacation again, one that I feel I've really earned now. I'll still feature screenshots every now and then, too, if I come across something interesting, but it will be in a more leisurely manner, and it'll only happen as it happens, without the requirement to come up with something every day.

But yes, a fresh new beginning: not the last day of this project but rather the first day of the rest of my second life. And perhaps it is not amiss here to quote from the final Calvin and Hobbes strip: a new year... a fresh, clean start. It's a magical world. Let's go exploring.

Location: Lordshore (58, 110, 22) (Jeogeot Gulf, Lordshore Cove)

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