Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Double Rainboom

No matter how great the things that bronies come up with are, there's always someone doing something even greater and even cooler.

Double Rainboom, a full-length (30 minute) fan episode for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, was released just recently.

I finally got a chance to watch it now. The verdict? Applebucking-lutely amazing.

Really, it's hard to praise this too much; I think it's entirely fair to say that the level of quality displayed here is approaching that of the show proper. I'll grant it's not entirely without room for further improvement – the pacing could've been tightened up, the end was a little abrupt, and some of the references that were a little too obvious and distracting, but all in all? I'd not have thought it possible for a fan project to do this much, this well.

Kudos to everyone involved; you have every right and reason to be damn proud of yourselves.

Tags: my little pony
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