Schnee (schnee) wrote,

DeviantArt - little help?

Seeing as how I seem to be using DeviantArt more again these days, I've been considering getting a premium (paid) membership there. However, I've not yet decided whether it's worth it, and that's where you come in. :)

Some of the benefits are obvious and useful (e.g. ad-free browsing). Many of the benefits are also obvious, but less useful to me (e.g. the increased amount of space, or the various commercial ones). But some are also just entirely unclear, especially the following:

  • Browse more content, more quickly
  • Get exclusive access to archived content
  • Gain instant community privileges

Does anyone have any idea what these mean?

Also, does anyone have opinions on DA premium membership in general? Good or bad, I'd love to hear whether you think it's worth it, especially if you have or have had a premium membership there yourself.

Tags: deviantart, help needed
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