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What's wrong with the "War on Drugs" in a nutshell

With the 20th of April coming up, the Gregory Brothers (known for e.g. Auto-Tune the News and a number of other autotuned parody songs, and also known as the masterminds behind Sen. Junkie Einstein's unsuccessful bid for the Republican candidacy in the 2012 US presidential elections) put out a new video entitled simply The War On Drugs Is a Failure:

The video features Jay and Silent Bob alongside Andrew M. Cuomo (Democratic governor of New York), Chris Christie (Republican governor of New Jersey) and Ron Paul (libertarian enfant terrible at large), and while the footage they used is not the greatest – one Youtube commenter quipped that it was the "best 240p on 1080p [they'd] ever seen" –, the song is well-done and the video is worth watching.

And the bit that would've sold me if I hadn't been already, the reason why the "War on Drugs" is really wrong, no matter where you might stand on the issue of whether drugs that are not currently legal should be made so?

We don't treat alcoholics like this.

It's a great point. Addiction to drugs – no matter whether it's alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances – IS an illness. This has even been recognized by the US Supreme Court, in Robinson v. California, and I think it's fair to say it should indeed be treated as such. Addiction to any substance, no matter whether it's legal or not, is primarily a medical problem, not a criminal matter.

We don't treat alcoholics like this. We shouldn't treat drug addicts like this, either.

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