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365 days of SL: just for fun 2

365 days of SL, just for fun 2:

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I gotta say, I'm definitely still missing the whole "365 days of SL" project. It wasn't always easy to find something worth posting, to say the least, and in the end I was getting more and more tired of it, but it was fun. And more than that, it made me go out and explore.

I haven't done a lot of exploring since it ended, or even a lot of going out. Most of the time lately, my SL experience has consisted of little more than sitting around in FP Enigma and enjoying idle conversation with friends; a few days ago I decided I needed a change of scenery, and visited the beach in Rohanda again. (If you're curious when that area was previously featured, you can now refer to the handy sim index (part 2, N-Z).)

I really started feeling all wistful again, and I'm also having the same feeling now that I'm writing this, the same way I used to write those "365 days" posts in the past.

I enjoy not being under any obligations anymore, don't get me wrong. But it was nice to explore so much and see so many new places, and I'm missing that. So have a slice-of-life picture of me building a sand castle on the beach. (I wonder if there's any metaphors in that.)

While I'm at it, I also wrote down some other thoughts over time that I don't think I posted later on, so let me rework those into something coherent; perhaps you'll find them interesting.

I was feeling fairly good about the project when it started, actually. There was an initial phase where I was figuring out how to do the whole thing, but after I got a bit of routine, I think the first shot I really didn't like didn't occur until day 99 — that one was really a filler, and in retrospect I wish I'd invested more effort there. But it was an outlier, and I still enjoyed the project a lot then, and continued to do so well into the second hundred of days.

The first written record I have of getting tired dates to day 236 (slightly NSFW screenshot!). At that time, I felt I'd never figured out what I really wanted the project to be: when I'd started, I'd had a couple of ideas for places I wanted to share, but I eventually ran out; and I'd also thought I'd just do candid shots of whatever happened on a given day, but it eventually turned out there wasn't something new and interesting just happening every day.

This was a real problem. I wanted the project to be interesting, but at the same time, I also wanted it to be realistic in its depiction of what I did and encountered, and it took me a while to realize that this couldn't possibly work out. OTOH, when I reviewed older entries a few days later, I found them quite inspiring; if you're constantly seeing how sausages are made, you may be more critical of it than the end product itself would justify. Although I had my doubts, and although things didn't always go smoothly behind the scenes, I managed to keep the whole thing going, and I managed to keep it going well.

It later on became more obvious that the project was going through different phases, too. After the "getting started/not sure what to do with this yet" phase where I struggled to find my style and get comfortable, there were the golden days of exploration; I showcased places I already frequented, and I explored new areas as well, with the focus gradually shifting from the former to the latter as I covered more and more of what I'd already been familiar with. There was a focus on beaches for a while; suggestions from others also started to trickle in, both on and off SL.

Later, I felt, there were more and more "boring" shots — or perhaps shots that seemed that way to me. I always enjoyed candid moments, depictions of what we actually did, but I was unhappy with how often these seemed to be little more than "standing around talking" or "lounging". But I pressed on despite still not being sure what I wanted to do with the project. Lastly, in the final months, there was a bigger emphasis on planespotting, for a variety of reasons.

One definite change, one that I think contributed to my frustrations, was the transition from already having places I wanted to show to having to find new ones. Going and exploring areas I'd otherwise never have looked at was fun, and it broadened my virtual horizon, but there were times when it felt forced, too. Having to do something and take a screenshot to feature every day increasingly became a chore — although I still enjoyed it, I felt that the project'd really run out of steam already, and I was just keeping it alive out of a sense of obligation. Giving up? Unthinkable.

But in the end, I was glad when it was done. I'd enjoyed the project a lot, and I was glad I'd done it; but I wouldn't do it again, and if I'd known what it'd be like, perhaps I wouldn't have started it, either (although again, I'm glad I did).

Now that I'm done, however, I've got the luxury of being able to do what I eventually realized was the best approach for me: taking and posting screenshots when interesting things happen or when the opportunity presents itself, and only then. This is how it all started, after all, on what might well be called day 0, and this is how it will continue: 365 days of SL, just for fun.

So with that in mind: enjoy the above screenshot. I enjoyed taking it.

Location: Rohanda (46, 192, 21) (Flax House)

Tags: 365 days of sl, second life
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