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The new Flickr

As you may know, Flickr recently rolled out some substantial changes, not only radically altering the site's look and feel but also introducing a new set of account types, with various limits lifted and restrictions changed.

I'm not gonna comment on the new look and feel yet, but since I've got a grandfathered Pro account, I'm thinking about whether I should get rid of it.

In the past, a Pro account netted you various perks — not just a lack of ads but also the ability to make original images available, have more than the 200 most recent items in your photostream visible, and so on. Several of these have been folded into free accounts now; the only remaining differences between grandfathered Pro accounts and the new free accounts are ad-free browsing, unlimited storage (instead of 1 TB), and the ability to see photo statistics.

Saintseminole has a good overview of the various account types. And here's Flickr's own FAQ.

I could retain my current Pro account and keep on paying for it until Yahoo decides they're not bound by the agreement anymore (I'm sure there's some weasel words somewhere allowing them to do that). Alternatively, I could switch to a free account and get a refund now. Since the 200 photo limit, "no original size" restriction etc. were the main reasons I went Pro to begin with, I'm leaning towards this — otherwise I'd keep on paying for a few extra perks I don't really need. Unlimited storage is nice, but 1 TB is still a lot (at 10 MB/photo, I'd still be able to upload ~100,000 items), and while photo statistics are nice to have, am I really willing to pay 25 USD per year for them?

But OTOH, I'd lose those perks for good with absolutely no way to get them back (Pro accounts are not available anymore to those who don't have grandfathered ones). And if I wanted to move away from a free account again after all – say, because they introduced some extra features for the paid account levels – then barring the introduction of a new, lower-priced level1, I'd pay at least twice as much.

Thoughts? I have three months (until August 20) to decide. (I can still let my Pro account run out after that, but as I understand it, I won't be eligible for refund anymore.)

  1. This seems very unlikely, given that the only thing setting the 50 USD/year "ad-free" account apart is exactly what it says on the tin: it's ad-free. Adding more perks to create a new account level would make the price go up, not down, or so I'd expect.
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