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365 days of SL: just for fun 4

365 days of SL, just for fun 4:

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2093 KiB)

It really pays to explore areas even if you've been there before; you just may find more interesting nooks and crannies, nice little hangout spots and so on, places you never noticed before.

We've been to the FutureWork Institute sim before (on day 252 and day 253), but we never explored the rest of the estate... until last night.

1920x1033 PNG, 1538 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 73 KiB

1920x1033 PNG, 2427 KiB
800x430 JPEG, 91 KiB

We're on a road to nowhere... actually, that would make for a good theme song for graduation ceremonies, wouldn't it? Or, if you want to be a little more explicit, use AC/DC's Highway to Hell. :)

Anyhow, after completing the first trans-CNDG Western Sea swim in recorded history, we arrived at a lovely little tropical island resort; it should make a good alternative to Palmana. CNDG, BTW, stands for "Chant Newall Development Group" — not "Center for National Dog Grooming", as I first posited. Shame; I'd enjoy a nice grooming.

Of course we quickly found the local bar, too, serving a decidedly quaint combination of fresh sushi and Irish whiskies (Connemara, Clonmel and Magilligan). I poked at the laptop someone'd left there, and was amused to find it showing a succession of pinging, nmap scanning and assembly programming (shellcode?); makes you wonder what the owner was up to. ;) Unfortunately the animated texture used for the screen was cycling quite rapidly, and the low resolution didn't improve readability, either.

Anyhow, I got the above shot in the end, which I rather like. The lighting's rather harsh on my fur, but it reminds me of a tropical beach bar version of Hopper's Nighthawks, and I like that.

Location: CNDG Business Center (230, 230, 23) (Eel Cove, CNDG Business Center)

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