Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Twitter clients

Given that Twitter finally broke the old TweetDeck versions (0.38.x) recently, can someone recommend a decent twitter client?

The one I've had recommended to me is Janetter, but it's suffering from at least four issues:

  1. It's not possible to clear columns. This makes it unnecessarily difficult to check if there's been anything new since you last checked. (Probably not important to people who follow a thousand others and then ignore everything that those people post, but important for someone like me who only wants to keep up with a handful of friends.)
  2. There's no way of replying inline in the toasters (notifications) for new DMs, @ replies etc.; you have to go through the main window, which is inconvenient.
  3. The application does not play well with focus-follows-mouse focus policies, and will pop under as soon as it loses focus.
  4. Its server component, JanetterSrv, invariably starts hogging one CPU core after a few hours and keeps it pegged at 100%.

The fourth item is likely just a bug that will hopefully get fixed some time. The rest? Maybe, maybe not; if someone's got any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

What I'm looking for, basically:

  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Configurable columns for (at least) all messages, @ replies directed at me, and DMs
  • Ability to remove seen messages from columns
  • Configurable toaster notifications
  • Inline replies in toasters
  • No dependency on e.g. SilverLight
  • Free (as in beer, at the very least)

And maybe other things I forgot. So, yeah. Suggestions?

EDIT, 2013-06-20: other things I dislike about Janetter:

  1. The default font doesn't display various Unicode characters; no alternate font is used for those that it's missing.
  2. The client will happily let you send DMs to yourself (who'd even WANT that?) without any sort of warning or confirmation, and in fact makes it quite easy to do so if you're in a DM conversation with someone and need to send more than one message in a row.
  3. Although you can mark items as "read", there is no obvious visible indication whether any given item is or isn't. Doubly annoying when when combined with the first issue listed above.

All in all, in my opinion and for my purposes, Janetter is barely usable; the fact it's apparently one of the better desktop clients is fairly astounding. I'm still open to suggestions for better clients if anyone's got any. (Oh, who am I kidding.)

EDIT, 2013-07-03: and this:

  1. Automatically checks for new versions, automatically downloads them, automatically installs them, and does not offer any options to control or disable this, AND does not even tell you about it in advance.
Tags: help needed, software, twitter
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