Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Ponytails II

So, I finally got around to actually making a pony cocktail. Since you cannot buy white cranberry juice here, I made a Luna instead — the sparkling blue Cosmopolitan.

The only thing I still had to buy for that one was a fresh lime for the garnish; I had everything else already. My old cocktail shaker was duly pressed into service again, as was one of my martini glasses. I substituted Sekt for the champagne, but then I assume that the recipe is from the USA, anyway, and that "champagne" may well refer to any sparkling wine, rather than true champagne.

The result? Very nice; the Sekt and lime juice go together very well, forming a harmonious, coherent whole, pleasantly acerbic but also fruity and flavorful. It's a very nice cocktail for sipping, and you can spend quite a while nursing it; you won't be tempted to down it all too quickly, as you might be with a sweet one.

Of course, it should rightfully be called a "sparkling pale turquoise Cosmopolitan" — in terms of ponies, it looked more like Sassaflash than Luna. But I'm not complaining.

Now if only Ocean Spray would decide to actually import white cranberry juice to this dog-forsaken country. :P
Tags: alcohol, cocktails, drinking, my little pony
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