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You can do anything

Here's an interesting and inspiring bit from an article on a woman who became a quadruple amputee after back-alley silicone injections:

“I had dark times. I cried a sea of tears. I had to face the fact I’d lost my hands, feet and buttocks because of complications from bottom injections. I was overwhelmed by shame and guilt... all because I wanted a bigger bottom.

“I was six months in hospital. By the time I was discharged I was determined to turn this terrible thing into something positive.

“I decided to do a triathlon. I told myself if I could achieve that I could do anything.

“I took my first steps again by the end of 2011. I built up to training six days a week, learning to walk, cycle then swim again using my residual limbs.

“I’d be crying in pain but I’d push through it. And six weeks ago I did it — completing a three-mile walk, ten-mile cycle and a 150-metre swim.

“When I crossed that finishing line with my family cheering me on, I cried tears of joy.”

Always keep this in mind: you can do ANYTHING. This is what it takes; the will to really do it.

There is literally NOTHING that can keep you from doing something if you've really set your sights on it. Getting there can be a long journey – and it takes determination, you gotta continue, you musn't stop or walk back – but you can do it. As long as you keep on moving forward, there's nothing that can stop you.

You (and I mean YOU) have got this incredible power in you that allows you to pull off anything and everything you want to do. You just need to find it, and persevere. You can accomplish anything you want if you approach it the right way.

There is ALWAYS a way. No matter how bad things look, no matter how hopeless they seem, there is always some way. You may look at the obstacles you're facing and think "how can I possibly overcome THAT?", but there is always a way. You can do it.

And don't freak out about it. Don't go crazy; your thoughts must remain cool and calm and collected. If you give up in your head, you can just as well stop — BUT, and this is crucial, as long as you don't, you WILL do it. Not "you can do it" — you WILL. There is absolutely no doubt. If you really set your sights on this, you will find a way; it may take a long time, it may be difficult, but you will do it.

And this isn't an empty pep talk, this is the truth.

Mrs. Brown completed a triathlon as a quadruple amputee because she didn't give up. Don't give up, either, and you will reach your goals, no matter what they are.

(Oh, and also... stay away from quacks and unlicensed practitioners of medicine.)

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