Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Renaming files with whitespace in their names

Is there a good way of programmatically renaming files with whitespace in their names on the shell, without resorting to e.g. Perl? Suppose that you have files with names like these:

foo bar.ext@extrafluff
lorem ipsum.ext@randomfluff

(wget likes to produce these, BTW, in case you're wondering.) Now you want to remove the extra fluff. My first instinct on the shell is to use basename(1); for files without whitespace in their names, this would be easy enough:

$ for i in *.ext@extrafluff ; do mv $i `basename $i @extrafluff` ; done

But since there is whitespace, you have to double-quote the filenames, and then the problems start:

$ for i in *.ext@extrafluff ; do mv "$i" `basename "$i" @extrafluff` ; done

This isn't enough; you'd also have to quote the second argument to mv(1), but there seems to be no altogether straightforward way of doing this. Now my shell-fu is decidedly rudimentary (and even that's giving it too much credit), so I just immediately switch to Perl and do something like this:


@files = <*.ext@extrafluff>;

foreach(@files) {
    ($new = $_) =~ s/\@extrafluff$//;
    rename $_, $new;

This works like a charm, but nonetheless, I'm wondering — suppose you didn't have Perl available, how would you do it using just the shell's own tools? (And I don't mean using sed(1) and friends to automatically slap together a script containing all the right mv(1) commands or so; I'm looking for pure solutions. :P)

EDIT: see the comments for an elegant shell-only solution.

EDIT, 2015-01-03: relatedly, for renaming e.g. files named "Verbose extra fluff FILE_001.BIN" etc. to "FILE_001x.BIN", you can also use the following:

$ for i in Verbose* ; do mv "$i" `basename "$i" .BIN | sed 's/Verbose extra fluff //'`x.BIN ; done
Tags: bash, perl
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