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EF20 hotel room heads-up

From a friend comes the following bit of information regarding hotel rooms at the Estrel, EF20's new hotel:

[T]o those going to advised not all rooms have a bath[tub] OR a safe :/ I'm looking to phone or email the hotel soon to especially ask about the safes. I find it hard to believe this hotel wouldn't have at least a tiny safe in each room? Isn't that sort of almost mandatory to have so guests can store valuables/money?

I checked, and surprisingly, it turns out that room safes are only mandatory for 5 star hotels; 3 and 4 star hotels must have room safes or a centrally-located one, e.g. at the reception (criteria 111 and 112), but having either is sufficient. Pretty strange: it just doesn't seem right to me that in the age of smartphones, laptops and tablets, a 4 star hotel can get away with not having room safes, but there you go.

Bathtubs (as opposed to or in addition to showers), meanwhile, are apparently never mandatory, although hotels will get extra points[1] for having them in at least 50% of all rooms (criterion 31 and 32).

I don't need a tub myself, but I'll be sure to ask for a room that has a safe on the room when I book one. I suggest you do the same, unless you want to risk ending up in a room that doesn't have one.

  1. German (DEHOGA) hotel stars are awarded based on how many points a hotel reaches across a large number of predefined criteria, as described in the classification standard; additionally, a number of these criteria are mandatory to receive a certain number of stars.
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