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Mount Buggery

I'm quite tickled by the fact there's a Mount Remarkable in Australia. Probably right in the vicinity of Mount Astounding, Mount You-Don't-Say, and Mount Why-I-Never. :)

Even more amusingly, drhoz informs me that there's also a Mount Buggery. As this page explains (quoting the article the Melbourne Walker and the 1992 book No end to walking, both by Alan Budge):

There is circumstantial evidence that the name was first applied by a member of the Melbourne Walking Club, Stewart Middleton. During the 1934 Christmas period he and five other members of the club walked along the Buckland-Buffalo divide to Mt Selwyn, fought their way through dense scrub on the Barry Mountains to Mt Speculation, followed the Cross Cut Saw to Mt Howitt and finished at Merrijig via the Howqua River. There were no tracks of any sort until they reached Mt Howitt and Stewart, perhaps not quite as fit as he could have been, was finding the going tough after the descent from Mt Speculation. Faced with the prospect of yet another laborious climb he exploded with the words 'What another bugger! I'll call this mountain Mt Buggery.'

There was general agreement amongst other members of the party that the name was appropriate and within the Melbourne Walking Club it came into general use. Other walkers used it and eventually it appeared on maps and official acceptance followed.

There was also a Mount Arsehole — later renamed, alas, to Mount Arthur to make it more palpable to industrial development. I reckon that must be the proverbial place where the sun don't shine, then.

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