Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Somepony to Watch Over Me

Solid episode.

Seems like Twilight and Pinkie got nothing on Applejack as far as going utterly off the rocker is concerned; AJ was every bit as crazy here as the other two were in Lesson Zero and Party of One respectively. I never figured her to be the worrying sort – and you'd think that living on a farm, where every helping hoof is needed, she'd know how much pampering Applebloom does and doesn't need –, but with their parents not there, I imagine it's her maternal instincts coming to the surface, maybe. That's the best explanation I have given her otherwise being an entirely reasonable, down-to-earth pony, at least.

You really have to wonder why they keep going into the Everfree, what with the ludicrously dangerous environment and the menagerie of critters lurking in there, all aching for filly filet. Couldn't they have gone around it to reach those cajun ponies? For that matter, why did THOSE apparently live in the Everfree? (No, don't tell me...)

The chimera was funny, though — the various heads of a multiheaded character arguing amongst one another is a classic trope, and I was quite amused by how Applejack's outlandish ideas for preparedness all turned out to have a reason behind them. The chimera's predilection for pie was equally amusing, and the way it ended up in the end, caught between a rock and a hard place (well, two trees, anyway)... I almost felt sorry for the beast. I'm pretty sure the hydra's goat head also got a "best face" when the tiger head suddenly decided that it was time to chase after Applebloom earlier on, but I'd have to check again or see a screenshot to be sure.

No song in this episode again, but at least they averted that in a funny manner that hinted at ponies being aware of their own tendency to break out in song at various opportune and inopportune moments.

Random cute thing? Applejack's saddlebags. Those rather reminded me of a set of large rear bike bags, which I'm sure was entirely intentional.

Anything else I missed?

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