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Maud Pie

Thinking of Maud you forget everything else.
— Nethack 3.4.3

Now that was a fun episode.

Nice to see a bit more of Pinkie's family. I liked Maud, too; she was a very amusing character, what with her phlegmatic demeanor, her taciturnity and her deadpanning that at times bordered on "I-can't-tell-if-this-is-actually-bone-dry-humor" (e.g. "it doesn't talk. It's a dress", or "I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't show my enthusiasm for things quite in the same way my sister does"), and she was quite the contrast to Pinkie Pie in every regard. Look-wise, I think she could almost be one of Photo Finish's assistants (she reminded me a bit of Powder Rouge), and I also got a fairly strong "jaded intellectual" vibe from her in the beginning in particular: a philosophy student who's read too much Sartre, perhaps, the sort who wears turtlenecks, listens to cool jazz and all that. Her seeming aversity to fun (candy, winning) and her disregard for earthly things (beautiful fashion, cider) also fit right in with that: she'd make for a good nihilist.

I liked the fact that she wrote poetry, too. That's very subtle.

Curiously, I never realized that Pinkie actually had three sisters up to now; I was only aware of Inkie and Blinkie (aka Marble and Limestone), and wondered before the episode aired if one of those two'd been renamed while I wasn't looking. Good thing that's been cleared up! I wonder if there'll ever be toys of her; an all-gray talking Maud delivering deadpanned lines would be rather amusing to see in the Pink Aisle.

Speaking of pink: Pinkie's mane is still prone to unpoofing when she's upset, and apparently she's still very sensitive and insecure underneath her excited exterior, just like in episodes like Party of One and Pinkie Pride: the mere fact that her friends and her beloved big sister didn't "click" and become best bestest bestestest friends immediately's enough to deflate her, literally (mane-wise) and metaphorically. But I love how happy and bouncy she was around her sister and how well the two of them got along despite being so radically unlike each other.

There was no song in the episode — which was perhaps for a better, since although a rock song (*groan*) would've been fitting, I think Maud's delivery would've been something less than passionate. Then again, it would've been neat to see what Daniel Ingram would've come up with for her, and whatever it'd have been, I just know it would've been great.

What else? Rarity's hat was probably the most ridiculous piece of fashion she's worn so far; to call it a "bold fashion statement" would be an understatement. Maud's spiked helmet was fairly unexpected, too; I'd associate those more with Prussian police than Pie ponies. Seeing the pets again was nice (and apparently this episode marked Winona's first appearance in S4). I love that the hummingbird they met was called Hummingway, and I really hope that there's gonna be an episode called "The Old Mare and the Sea" in S5 in which he'll play a key role. And did you notice that Fluttershy talked about the spiders keeping "other insects" away? That sound you heard there was drhoz headdesking.

All in all? Very good episode; not as intense as others, but I enjoyed it regardless, or perhaps also because of that. And I hope this won't have been the last we've seen of Maud.

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