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Firefox 29

OK, so Firefox (with its long-dreaded new UI, Australis) recently came out. And as usual, alongside all the new features and "features", it contains a bunch of security fixes, so not upgrading is not really an option.

The new UI is actually not quite as bad as I'd thought it'd be; thanks to the continued efforts of extension/theme developers, much that's supposed to work still does. Microfox is still available, for instance, which is great.

But there's problems. Two smaller ones: the tab bar is on top of the URL bar now, and you cannot change this (strange enough given that everytime Mozilla's writing about the new UI, they rant and rave about how customizable it is); and the back/forward buttons are glued to the URL field now and cannot be moved away from it (also strange, for much the same reason).

These are annoying, but no dealbreakers.

What is a dealbreaker is the bookmarks bar, which is empty now: entirely blank, without any bookmarks being shown at all. Some web-searching reveals I'm not the only one with this problem, yet none of the solutions offered worked for me. I've tried AT LEAST the following:

  • Disabling and re-enabling the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Resetting Firefox's UI.
  • Starting Firefox in safe mode.

Nothing worked; toolbar bookmarks aren't showing up even though I can access them through the bookmarks menu just fine. Dragging bookmarks onto the toolbar also doesn't work.

I've no idea why this is happening or what to do about it, and apparently neither does anybody else. I'm tempted to report this as a bug, but knowing Mozilla, I'll just get a) "did you try the obvious", b) "we need more information", and c) silence, in that order, with the bug rotting for years and (perhaps) eventually being closed for being old and stale. I don't want to single out Mozilla there, but reporting bugs to larger projects in particular is often an exercise in futility unless the issue you're reporting is severe, sexy, and clear (if not necessarily easy) to diagnose. Comparatively minor, dull and fuzzy issues don't stand a chance.

If anyone's got a solution, or ideas for what else I could try, post 'em below. Also, if I find something that works, I'll amend this post.

Tags: bugs, firefox, help needed
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