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I just realized it's exactly been two years today since Alikat's Ponyplay Stables vanished (and more than three years since the untimely demise of Kerry Bog Farms).

Even though I was never involved with either, I liked them both dearly, and to this day I feel very sad and wistful when I think back to them — the way they looked, the fun we had there, the training I did. I may not have been a member, but I was a frequent visitor who was happy to have those little homes-away-from-home, places where I felt happy and comfortable and at ease.

And I'm sad because they're not just gone, they'll remain so forever. Those who didn't visit them in the past will never have the chance to; the only thing that remains is screenshots, the occasional write-up, that sort of thing, morsels of data strewn across the Internet and dutifully picked up and catalogued by the search engines.

For now — who knows for how much longer these will last. There may come a time when Alikat's and KBF will be nothing more than memories, memories of those that used to frequent those sims.
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