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So, Scotland voted "No" on independence. Not unexpected, and I think most of my (non-Scottish) friends in the UK are breathing a collective sigh of relief now: whatever secession may have meant for Scotland, there was agreement that it could not have boded well for the rest of the union, especially those parts that aren't London.

At 44.7% "Yes" vs. 55.3% "No", the outcome was less close than I thought it might be, too, but despite that and despite it being against independence, I think it's anything but a reaffirmation of the status quo. If almost half the people in part of your nation think that they'd be better off seceding, you'd better ask yourself why.

What really surprised me the most was the voter turnout. 84.59% seems high at first glance, but think about what it really means — roughly one in 6-7 voters didn't care about the independence of their own country enough to be assed to go and make a mark. I cannot understand how anyone could fail to vote in such a historic referendum.
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