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Livejournal commercial

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Sep. 26th, 2014 | 02:53 pm

Looks like LJ is actually trying to recruit new users again (and not just in Russia and other Eastern-European countries). Here Here is a new video ad they put out recently:

I like this one. Playing up LJ's strengths is a good idea, and it DOES indeed have many strengths, especially compared to other social media sites. So I'm definitely happy to see them getting the word out, and I hope that this'll lead to a increase of users and activity on the site again.

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The Mystery of the Supranational Rabbit

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from: porsupah
date: Sep. 27th, 2014 10:08 pm (UTC)

Ah, thanks for the reminder! I need to link to that. It is indeed actually intelligently thought out, not merely trumpet blowing.

Not that I need much more activity on my flist! If I miss even a day, that's another hour or two to catch up - as is, I'm having to try catching up with the past week, up to about Sunday. ^_^;;

But, I have time, and plenty of good beer and cider. I can do this. =:D

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from: schnee
date: Sep. 27th, 2014 10:26 pm (UTC)

Aye — LJ were asking for users' input earlier, "what do you like most about the site", "what do you think sets LJ apart" etc., and I think that was for this ad campaign. Being able to play up your strengths requires identifying them first, after all.

It's nice to see them positioning themselves as an *alternative* to Facebook etc., too, rather than a clone (even an improved one). I think this makes business sense (the odds of LJ outcompeting Facebook are slim, to say the least, and people are always gonna prefer the original over a clone anyway, so you gotta have your own unique selling proposition), but in addition it's also because, well, I simply like LJ the way it is. I wish it had more users, but the strengths they list in the ad really are strengths, not just empty marketing.

LJ's a good site; it's gone through some tough times, but I hope it's on the right track again now.

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