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365 days of SL, just for fun 20

Our plot (hehe) in SL saw some remodelling again; nothing major, it's still an enchanted forest with lots of undergrowth, megaliths around a campfire and a bedroll for yours truly, but now it's also got a pony cage/stable added to it, as well as what I like to call "flavor items": straw for the cage's floor, a water trough, a haystack, a few bales of hay, a rope on a rusted hanger on the outside wall (all taken from this stable kit, except for the hay).

(Click for larger — 1920x1033 PNG, 2865 KiB)

Flavor items are important; they take a function space and give it atmosphere. Many places on SL don't realize that, and think that building (say) a castle and stuffing it full of scripted, RLV-enabled BDSM toys is enough to attract (repeat) visitors. But you can't build a castle by fiat, and without flavor items, it remains lifeless and bland, a hollow shell.

In fact I'd go so far as to say that flavor items are the only essential items in a build. You don't strictly need scripted toys; you can RP everything (and in fact it'll probably be more fun than just clicking through menus). But in order to have fun you need a believable vision of the world your avatar's in in your head, and flavor items help create that.

It's no coincidence that our current plot of land, with its trees and leaves and mushrooms and undergrowth, is pretty much exclusively flavor items. As, BTW, is my stateroom at BG (see the "prim golf" series of posts for shots of that: I, II, III, IV, V, VI) — which has also gained two or three extra pieces of decoration since I last wrote about it, flavor items again that serve no purpose at all other than add finishing touches and provide atmosphere.

The stable/cage/cell is for a different pony, BTW, not for me. I'm still tempted to dip my feet into ponyplay again (on SL anyway), but I'm not sure I'd be the kind of pony most would want – or be able – to deal with. With apologies to Stan Jones:

Her rubber's black and shiny, and her hooves are made of steel
Her brand is still on fire, and her hot breath you can feel
A bolt of fear shoots through you as she meets you in the eye
You see the trainers comin' hard, and hear their mournful cry

Or, with apologies to Alexander James Adams:

If you ever meet me standing there,
Your fear will make your toenails curl,
I'll seize your soul and strip it bare,
I am the Black Ponygirl!


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