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FA acquired

So, apparently IMVU has bought FurAffinity. Here's their announcement (h/t to porsupah):

We are proud to announce [...] that earlier this year we made community a part of our family.

This started with IMVU advertising its services to the FA community, which led to further discussions about the obvious overlap among our members. Both IMVU and FA community members love to socialize and connect anonymously with people from around the world with diverse backgrounds. Both communities express their artistic and creative skills in a variety of ways - via their anthromorphic and furry art, photographs, outfits, and scenes and more. So our partnership was the natural and reasonable conclusion to bring these similar and often already connected communities together officially. [...]

What does it mean for the IMVU community? The FA site will continue to operate indepently and work toward enhancing the fun and experience of their members with our full support. [...]

Here's FurAffinity's announcement:

We are proud to announce Fur Affinity has joined the IMVU family. Fur Affinity (formerly a part of Ferrox Art LLC) was acquired by IMVU earlier this year in January 2015. We are looking forward to the partnership allowing both FA and IMVU to grow and foster the furry community and to celebrate its unique talents, creativity and self-expression. [...]

Going forward, FA will continue to operate independently but with IMVU’s support and resources to upgrade our services. We can now work on improving our infrastructure, adding more storage, making performance improvements and improved coding support to reach our full potential. As a community member, the only difference you will notice is a better, smoother experience and increased functionality of the site as time goes on. [...]

Dragoneer soon clarified what this would mean in practice for now, saying:

It won't affect anyone OTHER than they will will put a few ads on the site and heavily invest into the site with new hardware and resources to help us make FA the site it's always needed to be.

So what's IMVU anyway? Another FA user summed it up neatly:

It's some avatar based site that seems to have teenaged girls in mind.

They have a Wikipedia article, too (though it's not very good). And apparently they've been interested in the furry fandom for a while, and even attended FC in 2015.

It'll be interesting to see what this means for FA.

EDIT: lupine52 also wrote about this.

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