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The end of the FURSUIT mailing list

The end of an era — porsupah notes that the Fursuit mailing list has finally closed down for good:

Fursuit Mail List is now deceased

After many many years, the original fursuit mail list started by Robert King has finally seen itself dissolve into being obsolete. The actual traffic had dwindled to only one post in all of 2014, and hundreds of spam accounts attacking the server was the only traffic the server was seeing. Newer methods have seemed to take over where the mail list once was lead. Things like FA, Tumblr, Twitter, etc... all but replaced most mail lists out there. There is a legacy archive of the mail list here for prosperity, as well as the old fursuit Wiki. Also there are some links to active fursuit sites.

porsupah also sheds some light on how the list came to be in the first place:

It had a pretty good run of things, given it was born around 1992, the result of a discussion Malin, Frang, and I were having whilst waiting for a Timberwolves game to begin - Frang was talking about a program he'd written to help calculate the weights required along a fursuit tail in order to afford it some realistic swishiness, purely passively. I wound up thinking it'd be really helpful to have a venue to be able to share thoughts and plans like that, and so, rcking foolishl^Wnobly volunteered to set it up.

It may be defunct now, but it had a great run and lasted longer than I'm sure anyone expected in 1992. And fursuiting itself is obviously very much alive, now more so than ever, so I prefer to think of the list as not being dead, but rather as having succeeded in what it set out to do, and as retiring from active service now that there is a plethora of ways for fursuiters to communicate.

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