Schnee (schnee) wrote,

R.I.P. Doug

Wow, Doug Winger died. More info here and here.

Doug was a one of the first wave of furry artists whose works I came across when I first got into the furry fandom, back in the 90s; hyper-endowed herms were never really my thing, but I appreciated his artistic skills, his wit, and the cheerfulness that always characterized his pictures.

Doug also gave us the Winger, the unit of squick, one Winger being equivalent to the amount of squick caused by a typical drawing by Doug. :P And then there's Wingerization: the process of hyper-endowing a character, especially to comically large, almost absurd proportions.

If you're curious about Doug's art, most of is on VCL. And if you're innocent and pure and don't know what "hyper-endowed" means, this is about where it starts. (NSFW, natch, and no, there's no upper limit.)

Good-bye, Doug, and rest in peace, you magnificent bastard.
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