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The paths are treacherous today

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Jan. 5th, 2016 | 01:50 am

A thought for the day:

Wanderers in the land of Osten Ard are cautioned not to put blind trust in old rules and forms, and to observe all rituals with a careful eye, for they often mask being with seeming.

The Qanuc-folk of the snow-mantled Trollfells have a proverb. 'He who is certain he knows the ending of things when he is only beginning them is either extremely wise or extremely foolish; no matter which is true, he is certainly an unhappy man, for he has put a knife in the heart of wonder.'

More bluntly, new visitors to this land should take heed:
Avoid Assumptions.

The Qanuc have another saying: 'Welcome stranger. The paths are treacherous today.'

(This is the "Author's Warning" from Tad Williams' "The Dragonbone Chair", in case you're wondering.)

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