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highfalute, carnie, monastery, Spekulatius

Some more shameless wordcoinery. First of all, from the list of Words That Don't Exist But Should™:

highfalute, v.

to hold oneself in unduly high regard.

"Lookit them turkeys, all highfalutin' as highfalute can."

And from the list of Unusual Definitions™:

carnie, n.

a meat lover.

monastery, n.

  1. the quality of receiving mostly 1-star reviews online.

    "The book's lack of literary merit could readily be inferred from its monastery."

  2. (by extension of 1) shoddy workmanship or quality, especially penmanship.

    "King's latest work is marred by monastery."

  3. (by extension of 2) a trashy novel; a shilling shocker.

    "Sorry, I don't read that kind of monastery."

And one for German as well:

Spekulatius (m)

Ein Aktienhändler, insbesondere im Weihnachtskeksgeschäft.

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