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US-American politics in a nutshell

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May. 5th, 2016 | 11:08 am

US-American politics in a nutshell, courtesy of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

When he met Obama, [Michael] Stautmanis [of The Barack Obama Foundation] confessed, “I thought he was an egghead.”

But then he saw Obama do a left-handed jump shot on the basketball court, Stautmanis said, and he realized the future president was not someone to be underestimated.

Reports that Ted Cruz suspended his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee after Donald Trump burped his own name, on the other hand, could not be confirmed.

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from: schnee
date: May. 5th, 2016 08:00 pm (UTC)

Well, it depends: at the very least, on the political system you're working in, on your objective, i.e. your reason for voting in the first place, and on your philosophical view of voting as such.

You live in what is essentially a two-party system (as the quip goes, "democracy! one more choice than in a dictatorship!"), and from what I understand your elections tend to use first-past-the-post voting rather than, say, preferential voting. IF your objective is to make sure that the least objectionable (to you) candidate gets elected, then a vote for a third-party candidate that has no realistic chance of winning (for some definition of "realistic") may be — well, perhaps not wasted, but certainly counterproductive. Put more succinctly, if you are faced with a choice between Clinton and Trump, and your primary goal is to keep Trump out of office (no matter how much you otherwise dislike Clinton), it may indeed hurt your goal to vote for a third-party candidate, even one you very much agree with: you may be better off voting for Clinton (even if you disagree with her) in order to harm Trump's chances.

Of course that's a fairly big "IF" above. If your motivations are different, the whole equation can easily change.

In any case, the above was just a witty quip from a classic Simpsons episode, back when the Simpsons were actually worth watching (yes, there really was such a time).

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(no subject)

from: allaboutweather
date: May. 5th, 2016 08:05 pm (UTC)

Ah. It wouldn't be smart for me to merely sit it out i guess. XD

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