Schnee (schnee) wrote,

There are some seeds

OK, as threatened promised here's an attempt at an English translation of Davíð Stefánsson's "Til eru fræ".

Til eru fræ

Til eru fræ, sem fengu þennan dóm:
að fjalla í jörð, en verða aldrei blóm.
Eins eru skip, sem aldrei landið ná,
og iðgræn lönd, er sökkva í djúpin blá.
og von, sem hefur vængi sína misst,
og varir, sem að aldrei geta kysst,
og elskendur, sem aldrei geta mæst,
og aldrei geta sumir draumar ræst.

Til eru ljóð, sem lifna og deyja í senn,
og lítil börn, sem aldrei verða menn.

There are some seeds

There are some seeds that bear a grave and heavy fate:
that never bloom but wilt, that wither and abate.
And there are also ships that never homeward flew,
and islands, lush and green, that sink in depths blue,
and hope whose soothing light extinguished long ago,
and lips that never shall sweet kiss's fire know,
and lovers that remain forevermore apart,
and never can some dreams unfold from dreamer's heart.

There is some poetry that lives and dies again,
and little children that shall never rise as men.

Like the German translation this is in Iambic hexameter. It's not perfect, but for the quick effort it is I think it's actually quite good. :)

Tags: icelandic, poems, poetry, translated by me

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