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Be Our Guest

A question in the CFz staff chat regarding the meaning of "complimentary upgrades" led to some silliness earlier today, with suggestions of the con telling you what a nice person you are each day, birds and mice waking you by drawing the curtains aside, Cinderella-style, and your plates and cutlery serenading you while you're having breakfast.

That brought to my mind one of my favorite Simpsons songs, and I spent 20 minutes writing a quick spoof — sing this to the tune of See My Vest:

Be our guest,
be our guest,
be a step above the rest!

Don't be muzzled
at Confuzzled,
you deserve the very best!

Hugs from a fox,
a chocolate box,
– isn't that unorthodox! –

We will meet you,
we will greet you,
To the finest things we'll treat you!

Have a laugh
with the staff
rise above the riff and raff,
it'll be a golden ticket and a haaalf!

So don't protest,
Don't be stressed,
Get your fursuit and get dressed,
Be our veeery speeecial guuueeest!

I hope it's obvious which stanzas correspond to which in the original!

EDIT: as lupine52 points out, the Simpsons song is apparently a parody of another song from the movie "Beauty and the Beast", which is also titled "Be Our Guest".

Wow, what are the odds? I never watched that movie, and never knew that song; I'd always assumed that it was in fact a Simpsons original. Quite amusing, then, that in rewriting it I took it back to its original title, but I suppose it's simply proof that GMTA. :)

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