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Flickr is undergoing some changes again; apparently Yahoo has decided to spin it off into an independent company again (remember the uproar when Yahoo bought up Flickr in the first place?).

Account perks will be changed in the process (again); in particular, free accounts will now be limited to 1000 photos. And unlike (way) before, when you could have as many photos as you wanted, but only the 200 most recent would be visible, old photos will now apparently be outright deleted.

Unless, of course, you pony up to 50 bucks per year for a paid account. Which I don't intend to do; I'm not using Flickr much at all anymore[1], and I don't feel like paying just so that older pictures of mine will remain accessible. (Cue grumblings about vendor lock-in, holding data hostage, and "I've-altered-the-deal-pray-I-do-not-alter-it-further".)

What this will (likely) mean is that Flickr embeds in my old LJ posts will disappear. So if you come across older posts of mine with pictures that won't show up... this is why.

Side note: if you would like to archive your data, Flickr (to its credit) makes that very easy and convenient. Go to your account, and request your account data; shortly after you should get an email telling you you can download it. There'll be an "Account data" ZIP file containing all metadata, and a bunch of ZIPs containing all the photos and videos you uploaded, in handy chunks of roughly 2 GiB apiece.

  1. Mind, I used to have and pay for a Pro account for many years, so it's not like I've been a free rider all along.
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