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Youtube embeds are still a pain, but here's a pretty cool melodic death/black metal song Belzebubs — Blackened Call. If you like the sound of, say, Finntroll, check this out. (And the video is a pretty amusing jab at how serious (too) many bands in that particular subgenre take themselves.)

Also, here's Hayseed Dixie — Don't Stop Believin', a cover of the well-known Journey song. And as the video's description says: "Coming soon to a bathroom near you! It's Hayseed Dixie's John Wheeler aka Barley Scotch getting clean as a whistle with his favo(u)rite My Little Pony pals." Indeed, it does have ponies! AJ's missing, but the rest of the Mane Six all seem to be there.

(And if you want to see more footage of Barley Scotch getting soapy, look no further than Haysee Dixie — Livin' on a Prayer, that of course being a Bon Jovi cover.)
Tags: bluegrass, metal, music

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