Schnee (schnee) wrote,

Concepts for which there is no word though there should

Usually when I post about words that don't exist but should, I'm talking about specific newly-minted words ("shameless wordcoinery", as it were). This time it's about words that really don't exist at all, i.e. concepts for which there is no word — and for which I don't have one either.

There's two:

  • the moment when you wake up from a pleasant dream, just barely enough to realize it was a dream and when you try to go back to sleep to continue said dream even though you realize that you've woken up enough for this not to be possible, and the feeling of regret accompanying sad moment;
  • the wistfulness and sadness that builds up throughout the day as you slowly remember less and less of said pleasant dream, first losing how it felt, then what it looked like, and finally what even happened in it, all the while being consciously aware that it is running through your fingers like sand.

Are there words for these? I don't know any, but there should be.

Tags: dreams, words, words that don't exist but should

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