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Golf and life

An interesting exchange overheard in the commentary of the 2018 Andalucía Costa del Sol Open de España Round 3, about 2:00:30 into the video — the context is Amelia Lewis having a tough round (so far):

Richard Kaufman: It's all a little flat for her, isn't it, right now.

Alison Nicholas: At the moment, yeah, but she needs to just dig in and keep going. Things can always change.

Someone asked me the other day and said, in your career, was it just all fun and easy going? And I said, no, most of the time it was a grind, trust me, and you have to just grind it out at times and hope that things will change and … there's only a few occasions I can remember where things seemed completely easy.

It's a tough game, golf. There's so many variables, and not many constants.

That's not just a good description of golf but a good description of life as well. And good advice, too.

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